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“​ Qualities of great leaders “​

Source | LinkedIn : By Harmeet Sandhu 

Most often it is assumed that leaders are born and leadership is a inborn trait as there are certain traits of leaders which differentiate them from non-leaders. As of my opinion leadership is a inborn trait and is enhanced and cultivated through experience and learned behavior from others like bosses, teachers , coworkers and also from a ordinary person who are not in leadership role but exhibit leadership character due to their inheritance and experience and personality.

Usually if we look deep into their personalities, social, intellectual traits these are some important attributes that differentiate leaders from the rest. leadership traits are usually summed up in” Big five personality Model ” which is as follows:

  • Extraversion: This factor describe   sociability, assertiveness,  energetic,  optimistic and  have positive emotions.
  • Agreeableness: It is tendency to be compassionate, and cooperative also

trusting  helpful to others and well tempered.

  • Conscientiousness : This factor measures if person is organized, dependable, self disciplined, have goal in mind and is eager to achieve those goals, flexible and spontaneous, imaginative, independent, perseverance in attainment of goal.
  • Emotional Stability : This factor describe the stability, calmness, adaptable, moderate and impulsiveness.
  • Openness to experience : It is the measure of imagination, appreciation of art, emotions, unusual ideas, intellectually curious, sensitivity to beauty, open to new ideas , aware of own feelings.

Leadership traits are not limited to all these factors mentioned in ” Big Five personality factors” as these are mostly theoretical factors. in real situations the leadership traits are too broad and not limited to certain factors. in your professional career you work with certain leaders who are remarkable, exceptional, extraordinary, evergreen and ever fresh, enchanting, charismatic  and unforgettable and you want them to lead you all through your career as the impression they leave on your mind is everlasting. I am just mentioning few traits or qualities of great and natural leaders from my own experiences through out my career.

  1. Great leaders are optimistic , energetic , enthusiastic and resourceful and they know how to do optimum utilization of the resources available to them.
  2. Great leaders have confidence in their capabilities and they don’t depend upon other’s appreciation to keep going or continue their leadership skills but they try to enhance their leadership through thoughts , action , learning and practicing it on their professional and daily life . They are pioneers in almost every field of life .They have stronger intuition and observation power .  Their minds are always thinking about the betterment of others and their organization and how to help their co workers , subordinates and boss  ,and they always find ways and means to fulfill this unique quality which they possesses by birth and are born with these qualities though they try to enhance it through learning and learned behavior.

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