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“​Am I Just Sridhar or Am I a Brand?

By | Sridhar Ramanathan

“Why should any one call you? What is in it for them?

“What value do you add to any conversation?”

“What difference do you make to a client and his business?”

This question came up with a friend who is also a well-wisher. Requested anonymity in case I was to quote these questions to anyone. Or write about them in my LinkedIn article. This happened last month.

I have been grappling with these questions for a while. The more I think about the questions the clearer I become. But putting it succinctly into words is the challenge.

One point that is clear now is that I have to put myself in the shoes of my clients. It is about them. Not about me. It is all about what they think and believe. (Elementary, my dear Watson!)

I tried to look up a few books which I thought could help bring clarity to my thinking. “True Professionalism “ by David Maister is one. I have also spoken to a few clients who have become friends over a period of time.

Did clients call me for my workshops?

Did clients call me for coaching?

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