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#1 reason your BEST people quit. And it is not money.

Source | LinkedIn : By Oleg Vishnepolsky

Studies have shown that the number one reason people get demotivated or quit is because they do not trust their manager.

Trust must be earned it.

We earn it by what we do, and not what we say.


1) Managers must start by trusting employees. They can NOT expect trust from someone if they do not trust them.

2) Take more than your share of blame, and give others more than their share of credit. That’s a popular quote. I disagree with this quote – there should be no blame at all. Blame is a sulfuric acid to trust as is dishonesty.

3) Trust can not exist in a de-humanized environment. That’s why we need to stop calling and treating people as “resources”. We do not have resources working on a project, we have people and colleagues.

4) People should have nothing to fear for telling the truth and doing the right things.

5) People do not trust leaders who are short term thinkers.

6) People look for authenticity in their leader – they expect the leader to be open about his / her shortcomings, to have own opinion, to be oneself.

6) We are judged by our superiors on results we produce. We are judged by our people on methods we use to produce these results. We can not ever destroy trust by compromising the integrity of the methods we use.

7) A wood cutter is busy cutting trees, day in and out. A passer-by says why dont you sharpen you saw ? The wood cutter says I do NOT have time to sharpen my saw, my boss keeps me too busy. ——-

To earn trust, allow your people to sharpen their saws. Just pushing them to work harder and harder destroys trust in your leadership.

If you do not trust your manager, the only rescue is a recruiter.

American currency says “in God we trust”. That’s great.

But I say –

“In People we trust”.


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