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10 Best Job Interview Questions Recruiters Can Ask

By | Suzanne Lucas |

Do you know how to use the best recruiter interview questions to identify the very best candidates for your employer’s open job? The reason you hire a recruiter is to find for you the most qualified candidates. Then, the recruiter helps you convince these candidates that your business is the best place for them to work.

People often think only about the first half of that equation—finding the best people—but the second half, essentially marketing—is equally important. Of course, you want that marketing to present an accurate picture of your company and your open job.

You don’t want people to join your company and then feel miserable once they are onboard. With this in mind, here are ten recruiter interview questions that should be on every company’s list.

Recruiter Job Interview Questions to Ask

This Job Pays Between $X and $Y. Are You Still Interested in the Position?

This may seem like exactly the wrong question to ask. Shouldn’t you work on finding out the candidate’s current salary so that you can get the best bargain possible? No, absolutely not. Companies should base their salary offer on the market value of the position, not the last salary the candidate received.

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