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10 body language hacks that make you instantly seem classy

By | Tina Fey |

If you want to be classy, forget about buying a Gucci bag or driving around a flashy sports car.

What’s more important is the way you carry yourself and what you’re telling people through your body language.

Here are 10 body language hacks that make you instantly seem genuinely classy.

1) Smile with confidence

We generally like to think of people who don’t smile as being grumpy and unpleasant. And well, you don’t want to be seen as such so you try to smile.

But there’s a problem with this.

If you simply aren’t confident enough to flash a smile—maybe because you’re afraid you’ll come off as creepy for smiling so much—then people can feel that something is off, and that you’re simply faking it.

This is counter-productive. You want people to feel comfortable around you, not wary.

So when you smile, make sure that you’re smiling with confidence. You can start by practicing in front of a mirror. But do the basics: Smile with your eyes, be firm with your gaze, and make it gradual.

If you don’t know if you’re doing it right, study how confident people (like politicians and celebrities) do it.

2) Move gracefully

Now I don’t mean to say you should move around like you’re a ballerina of some kind. The bar is far lower, and far more realistic—simply don’t act like you’re some kind of bull in a china shop.

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