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10 Books You Can Read In One Night That Will Boost Your Motivation For Work

Source | FastCompany : By LAURA VANDERKAM

Some days you feel on top of the world. Others, not so much. For the latter, here’s a cheap and easy solution: a quick, motivational read. For less than $20 on an e-reader and an hour or two of your time, you get the shot in the arm you need. These books may not change your life, but they might change tomorrow morning, and sometimes that’s good enough.


Anyone trying to create something encounters what novelist Steven Pressfield calls Resistance—that insidious force within the human mind that keeps people from taking action. This book teaches you how to battle the dark side and get stuff done.


David Allen’s most famous book, Getting Things Done, is at the heart of his productivity system. This is the condensed version, organized into 52 easily digestible chunks. You can read it in an evening, though not if you keep pausing (as I did) to write down ideas of things to try.


You know that tough task you really don’t want to tackle? Brian Tracy’s compilation of 21 anti-procrastination strategies hammers home the argument that, like eating a frog, you’re better off just getting it over with. Read the book, eat your frog by 10:00 a.m., and then feel free to find a restaurant that serves cocktails at lunch.


I do not plan to spend my limited time on earth decluttering, nor do I believe that “real life begins after putting your house in order.” That said, millions of other people have found Marie Kondo’s organization manifesto to be the kick in the pants they need to finally clean out their closets and stop living in chaos.

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