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10 brand new ‘soft’ skills to make a great leader today that no one talks about

Source | | Binjal Shah

As a startup, or even otherwise, you are most likely working with a team of millennials with sky-high standards in who they are working with and under. So, in the words of ‘World’s Best Boss’ Michael Scott, here’s how to make your team “afraid of how much they love you!” Addressing the crowd at the World Economic Forum 2018 at Davos, ecommerce mogul Jack Ma had declared that his employees striking the golden balance between ‘EQ’- emotional quotient, ‘LQ’ – love quotient, and ‘IQ’ – intelligence quotient, was the secret behind the success of Alibaba, adding that this was the reason women made better leaders in his organisation. “Balance-wise, women – they’re the best. If you want your company to be successful, if you want your company to operate with wisdom, with care, then women are the best,” he had said. Moreover, various studies have confirmed that the testosterone-charged qualities we have been associating with leadership – which also happen to be the ones we typically assume men have, like stoic aggression, goal-orientedness, ruthless pursuit of targets – are a tired old stereotype. Now, the archetypical image we have of a leader is giving way to a more divergent, diverse image – it compels the leader to showcase just as much emotional intelligence, so that they can have a truly wholesome impact on the lives of those they lead.

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