10 CEOs and founders on how they combat loneliness

10 CEOs and founders on how they combat loneliness


They say it’s lonely at the top, and plenty of CEOs would agree. Half, in fact, struggle with feelings of isolation, according to research by the Harvard Business Review. Of those, 61% feel it’s hurting their job performance.

The fact that we’re in an unprecedented era of social isolation doesn’t help. But whether you’re leading a team of hundreds or starting your first job, there are healthy, powerful ways to fight loneliness. Just ask these 10 founders and CEOs:


There is strength in numbers, says to Alice Default, CEO and cofounder of Double, which connects executives with assistants and time-saving tech. “I have a couple CEOs around me who I can be completely vulnerable with, are always positive, and are also looking for support,” she says. “We’ll call each other every few weeks to exchange war stories, ask each other hard questions, and keep ourselves in check.”

Benny Silberstein, cofounder of payment platform Payrix, says he also makes it a point to leave work out of the conversation sometimes. “Simple nonbusiness text messages and email notes go a long way to really remind leaders that they are not alone,” he says. “It also allows for an opportunity to stay connected on a personal level without having any business deal to close.”

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