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10 common phrases that make you sound passive-aggressive in the workplace

By | Ashton Jackson |

For many professionals, the majority of daily work communication happens through emails. Unfortunately, it can be hard to gauge someone’s tone through a computer — and your emails could be coming off a little aggressive.

Whether intentional or unintentional, being passive-aggressive in the workplace could make others uncomfortable, create tension and even jeopardize your job.

A recent study from WordFinder by Your Dictionary, an online word search tool, collected data from Ahrefs and Google Adwords to find the most-used passive-aggressive work phrases, most of which seem pretty harmless at first glance. 

“For better or worse, digital communication, whether it’s through email or direct messages on platforms like Slack, doesn’t let us see each other’s immediate reactions — which is why we look for ways to ‘politely’ express irritation,” WordFinder representative Joe Mercurio tells CNBC Make It. “As a result, employee frustration and miscommunication are at an all-time high, with tone alone being misinterpreted quite a bit in email communication.”

According to the findings, here are the top 10 most passive-aggressive phrases in the workplace:

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