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10 Common Real Estate Investing Questions w/ David Greene

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Have real estate investing questions you need answered? It’s your lucky day! David Greene is back and we’re “Seeing Greene” as he answers some of the most common real estate investing questions from BiggerPockets listeners! David goes over a multitude of different questions, ranging from financing, to acquisition, to mindset, and strategy.

Not only does David have the experience of being a real estate investor, but he’s also a licensed real estate agent and owns a mortgage company as well. This allows him to have insider insight that many real estate investors simply don’t have.

If you’ve wanted a question answered by an industry expert, stick around because your question might just be answered on this episode of “Seeing Greene”!

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Episode 487

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro
0:42 You Ask, David Answers!
1:50 Quick Tip
3:43 HELOC vs Cash-Out Refinance?
11:43 When Should You Advertise Lower Rents?
16:00 Tax Deductions and Write-Offs
19:32 Funding & Seller Financing
28:57 Changing and Growing Our Mindsets
33:00 HELOCs and Lines of Credit
36:34 Pros and Cons of Getting a Real Estate License
38:11 How to Refinance When Self-Employed
41:17 Tackle the Financing Obstacle
47:02 Sell The Live In Flip Dream Home?
53:19 Thanks for “Seeing Greene” with David!


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