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10 Daily Habits Holding You Back From Success

By | Caren Merrick |

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. All the successful people you admire achieved their success by making daily choices. Some of those choices are extraordinary, but most of them are simple habits that add up, one step, one day at a time.

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Highly successful people are self-aware and take their personal development seriously. They regularly assess their habits and strive for continuous improvement.

How often are you assessing your habits? How often are you looking not only for ways to improve, but also to celebrate and build on your wins to generate additional motivation, inspiration, energy and success?

If you want more success in your work and life, start by changing your day.

Take a look at one or all of the habits that might be holding you back from success. Losing a bad habit and creating a new one is the first step to propel you forward to greater success, impact and fulfillment.

1. Your morning routine is nonexistent.

When you have so much on your plate and everything is urgent, your precious morning moments are spent in a rush just doing whatever it takes to get out the door and on your way.

But you’re missing one of the most important opportunities within your control to ensure success. You can design a morning routine unique to your life that will prime you physically and mentally for better performance. If you allowed even 10 to 15 more minutes to develop a routine that energized you and brought greater focus, you would have more confidence and be more effective through the day—instead of beginning it with a sense of overwhelm.

My routine involves a gratitude walk and a bit of reading and writing. I love getting up before everyone else when the house is quiet.

2. You forget your strengths when hard things emerge.

Often, when we encounter unexpected setbacks, we flounder or are paralyzed like a deer in the headlights. But if you remind yourself every day of your strengths, it will jumpstart your path to a solution better and faster than jumping into the spin cycle of self-doubt.

One of my favorite assessments is StrengthsFinder and I look at it every week (sometimes even daily) to remind myself to tap into my strengths.

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