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10 Education technology trends that will disrupt higher education the most in 2020

Source | | Swapnil Dharmadhikari

Higher Education across the world is on the verge of getting disrupted due to technology advancement.

Technology will play a key role in education, delivery, content distribution and the assessment of students.

Higher education institution might become outdated if they do not adopt emerging technologies and trends to teach their students. Technology can help higher education to make education dynamic, relevant and connecting with the real or practical world.

Digital spending on education is projected to be 350 billion USD+ by 2025 and growing rapidly across the world. Education is one of the under served segments which can be lifted with the help of technology adoption.

Higher education institutions would accelerate the adoption of cloud-based technologies for student relationship management (CRM), learning management systems (LMS), assessment management.  Preference would be for niche applications having seamless integration capability with other applications. If you are building EdTech applications then it become essential to have components to integrate your application with other applications.

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