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10 Effective Ways To Find Out What You’re Good At

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Everyone’s good at something, right?

So why does it feel like you just can’t find your ‘thing’?

If you’re struggling to find something you’re really good at, and enjoy, you might feel pretty disheartened and frustrated.

After all, knowing what you’re good at can drive so many things in your life, from your career to your interests and hobbies.

We’ve got some great tips on how to discover things you’re good at, so don’t lose hope just yet!

Work your way through our list and use this as a guide for self-reflection. While we can’t tell you what you’re good at, we’re pretty sure you’ll have an answer by the time you finish this article…

1. Try lots of things – and volunteer! 

If you don’t know what you’re good, you might have no idea where to start in terms of finding out.

In order to maximize the number of things you’re good at, you’ll need to try your hand at lots of things!

Ultimately, unless you are incredibly gifted (like a 4-year-old child piano prodigy), it’s a numbers game. That means you might try 9 things and realize they’re not for you, but the 10th will just click and you’ll realize you’re a whizz at it.

You might have to think outside the box a bit…

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