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10 essential ingredients of a classy person

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Let’s be blunt about it…some people simply ooze class. We’ve all met them. Their style, manners, and how they carry themselves…all speak louder than words.

But what makes a person classy?

With wide room for interpretation, you might be wondering what it is that classy people have about them that others don’t. And how do you become more classy yourself?

Read on for our top ten essential ingredients of a classy person that you might’ve never thought of.

1) Classy people are empathetic

Classy people usually have a life full of different experiences. If you talk to a classy person, you’ll most probably find out that they volunteered in Africa and spent a year in a Tibetan monastery or something like that.

Because they experience so many different things, they learn from exposure to a wider variety of subjects and situations.

Classy people tend to be more relaxed in situations that others might find tense because they are accustomed to change. They’ve been to many different scenarios and have built some sort of resistance to stress. 

It also helps them to empathize with other people, as they have spent time with people from all walks of life.

Personal attacks are not something they resort to; they are calm and collected. They know how to approach different people and help them soothe their worries. 

So, when you’re around a classy person, you suddenly feel like they are a ‘safe space’ for you to be in and open up about your worries. 

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