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10 Guidelines for a Stress-Free Labor


Being pregnant is truly exhilarating, especially when the due date is approaching. You must be very anxious right now. You feel that you can not wait for the baby to arrive, yet you get this nervousness about how your labor is going to be.

There are actually some things that you should be ready too. Those you can do to ensure that the delivery is as stress free as possible. Do not forget to ask your partner / spouse to stick together with you in this, and especially when the delivery comes.

Here are the things:

  1. Be prepared

Get the easy stuff out of the way! Have your overnight bag packed with night clothes, a robe, a going home outfit, toiletries, including your preferred brand of maxi pad and a baby outfit. Also have a diaper bag ready with spare diapers and all the powder, baby oil and wipes you might need between the hospital and home.

  1. Have your overnight bag packed

And, whatever you do, leave the overnight bag where both you and your spouse can find it. When you start feeling labor pains, you do not want to be stuck searching the house high and low for your to-go bag. You just want to go, and being prepared can take so much stress away from an already hectic day. In your packing, also do not forget to bring along important phone numbers of family and friends you will want to call, as well as your insurance information.

  1. Prepare your car with a regulation car seat

Being prepared also extends to the car; it is recommended that you have your vehicle already equipped with a regulation car seat. Doing so will make things go so much easier when it’s time to bring baby home; you can not leave the hospital without placing baby in a car seat (no matter how much you may want to hold him!). So, let Dad get the car seat set up and practice taking a baby doll in and out of it.

  1. Know where you are going

Speaking of the car, know where you are going. This may sound obvious, but when you factor in traffic jams and accidents that may close down familiar streets, it makes more sense. It really helps to do practice runs with alternative routes to the hospital before the big day.
Be prepared for inclement weather, traffic accidents and closed roads. This way, if one path is closed, Dad will not send Mom into a panic by taking another less familiar route. Trust us, when a woman is in labor, it’s not the time to spring any unnecessary surprises on her.
On that matter, make sure your car is also tuned up, filled with gas and fully equipped with a spare tire and any tools for patching up a flat. And never leave home without a cell phone. This way, you can call an ambulance if you experience car trouble.

  1. Pre-register at the hospital if possible

Furthermore, if at all possible, pre-register at the hospital. Doing so cuts down on the amount of paperwork you have to complete when you go into labor. And, it makes it easier for the staff to assist you if they already know which doctor…


Source by Adwina D. Jackson

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