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10 habits of authentically happy people that we can all learn from

By | Lachlan Brown |

What makes people happy? What’s the difference between a happy person and a miserable person?

It seems like a difficult question to answer, but in reality, it’s simple: It’s their habits.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, attractive or ugly, and if you’re successful or unsuccessful, the main difference between happy and unhappy people is habits.

And that’s great news, isn’t it? Because it means that happiness is in our hands.

If you want to be happier, check out these 10 habits of happy people that we can all learn from.

1. They don’t fake happiness

Happy people don’t fake happiness. They’re comfortable with who they are and they accept reality for what it is.

In an interview with the Verge, psychologist Tasha Eurich says that one of the most common causes of unhappiness is deluding ourselves by avoiding reality.

Specifically, she says that just embracing the brighter side of life causes us to lose self-awareness, which is the real cause of unhappiness:

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