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10 Key Skills for Your Sales Team

By | Rachna Bhalla | Marketing Manager at PhMeter

Business skills are no longer the sole beneficiaries of Big Data. Some skills are immutable. Attitude is one of the main qualities of a sales professional but not only. Other assets can be refined to succeed. Here are 10 key skills that will boost your sales teams in 2020.

1. Negotiation

Strong and confident communicators are excellent sellers. In particular, the ability to negotiate is essential and will work in your favor or not for any transaction. In sales, these qualities are highly valued. Professionals who are open and sympathetic quickly establish contact and weave lasting collaborations. This is a key element in a market affected by uncertainty and strong competition.

2. Sale of solutions

It is more and more common for sales teams to work together to offer and sell complete solutions. The traditional model according to which teams sell separate products or services has had its day, today the salesperson consults the other teams. This is all the more true in IT. Selling solutions is a key skill in the sales industry and the professionals who do it well, bring enormous value to the business.

3. Planning

Planning will ensure the success of any sales team, whether it’s preparing a sales pitch or defining the scope of a sales pipeline. Professionals with experience in setting targets, developing sales strategies and effectively managing these targets have always been highly valued in the sales industry. Sound business decisions should be based on strategic data to achieve the overall goals of the business. Likewise for the sale.

4. Mapping of the territory

Any seasoned sales professional will master commercial mapping. Measuring the sales of a team is essential for organizations to monitor the progress and profitability of the regions and to identify high-performing staff or employees who may need a little help. Companies know that the retention of the best talent is inherent in success and that professionals with great expertise in commercial mapping collect crucial data. Using this information, managers can also contribute to profitability, but also to the long-term development of the wider sales team to retain the best talent.

5. Analysis of the competition

In sales, regular in-depth analysis of the competition is essential to assess and monitor the market. With the emergence of new products and services, intensifying competition and changing consumer attitudes, a clear and complete understanding of market conditions is not only a useful sales tool but also a crucial guide for all sales professionals. It has never been more important to take a dynamic approach to identify risks and opportunities, and business mapping is the foundation of a sales team to drive business growth.

6. Ability to learn

Ability and the desire to learn are valuable qualities in sales. Since the best talent is in great demand, updating knowledge is crucial. Professionals with basic sales skills, who learn quickly and efficiently, can quickly take on new sectors of a market or access new functions. In addition, motivated professionals with career goals can bring new ideas, give food for thought and challenge the status quo. This will boost morale and create healthy competition within a team.

7. Specialized knowledge of the market

Each market is unique. When dealing with a sales company, the challenges and opportunities involved will create a certain type of communication. Professionals who have already worked in a specialized branch or who have worked within a sales team in a particular sector can offer an excellent overview and therefore constitute a valuable complement to any specialized sales team.

8. Have the balance weighed

A skill that goes hand in hand with negotiation: influence, the key to any commercial activity. The ability to persuade or influence a customer’s buying decision is fundamental to a good sale. Professionals with the tactical but persuasive skills to navigate to the preferred conditions of a business, or to resell them when the opportunity arises, are very valuable assets for any sales team.

9. Confidence

A solid sales professional is not only optimistic, but he also creates a certain level of trust with his customers. This confidence is reflected in the brand and the product they represent, which is very precious for any business. A confident sales team is proactive, resilient and positive, which contributes to productive performance and high income. Success calls for success and trust often reflects positive feedback.

10. Presentation skills

Knowing how to present yourself is crucial, but knowing how to put together an argument for a client can make all the difference. Ensuring a concise but attractive presentation and presenting it in a clear and convincing manner is essential in a saturated market where competition is fierce. Finding innovative alternatives is one way to stand out from the competition.

Make sure your team members are ready to sell and have all the sales skills. By teaching them these 10 key skills, you will improve their sales abilities in 2020. The power is in your hands to train your team effectively and see your sales numbers soar.

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Name- Rachna Bhalla

Bio- Rachna is a Chemical Engineer by qualification & Digital Marketer by passion. She is marketing manager at PhMeter, a leading online shopping portal that provides world-class medical equipment.

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