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10 Most Read Articles to Improve Your Leadership Skills in 2022

By | Marcel Schwantes | My keynotes help make better leaders who will make better workers and better organizations

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This edition of the newsletter comes with much personal gratitude. As we near the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., I’ve been looking back at 2021. I’ll be honest, I feel extremely blessed.

Like many of you may attest, 2021 was no cakewalk. I contracted a nasty case of Covid that laid me out for a month, followed by debilitating physical fatigue post-recovery, which lasted another month. In the view of my wife, at one point in the early stages of being infected, she thought “I was a goner” as my oxygen saturation fell below 90 percent. So, yes, I am extremely grateful to still be around enough to continue to serve my clients, my community, and my global followers.

Professionally, despite setbacks from illness, the year finished strong. In fact, I had the best year ever. I am also grateful to you, my global LinkedIn readers (all 224,823 of you, as of this writing), for subscribing to my newsletter. You raise the bar for me to continuously deliver exceptional content that will actually HELP improve your workplace and your leadership. It’s an honor and a privilege to be put in this position and I don’t take this lightly. Because with it comes great responsibility and high expectations to keep improving; to keep providing good information and strategies that will make a difference in your professional lives. For that, I am grateful. Thank you!

The Highlights

As we look ahead to a new year, I wanted to stay in this trajectory and provide you with actionable content from my ten most widely-read articles worldwide as published on my Inc. Magazine online column. Enjoy them and leave me a comment about which one really made a difference!

  1. Five Traits That Will Instantly Point to Someone With Bad Leadership Skills (810,000 views)
  2. Elon Musk’s Greatest Leadership Lesson to Apply Today (690,000 views)
  3. Warren Buffett’s Advice on Choosing the Right Professional Networks (575,000 views)
  4. Three Science-Backed Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Focus (350,000 views)
  5. Five Red Flags That Someone Is Not Fit to Lead People (315,000 views)
  6. How Can You Be Sure Someone Has What It Takes to Lead People? Look for 4 Rare Habits (295,000 views)
  7. Warren Buffett Believes 3 Choices in Life Separate Winners From Losers (292,000 views)
  8. Four New Skills to Identify an Employee Worth Hiring on the Spot (290,000 views)
  9. Why Are People Really Leaving Their Jobs? The Whole Reason Can Be Summed Up in 4 Words (225,000 views)
  10. Why Are People Quitting? Burnout’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg (223,000 views)

Thank you again for being a valued subscriber. Let’s think ahead to a year of big impact and leadership growth as you plan ahead for 2022.

With much gratitude,


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