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10 Must-Have Methods to Skillfully Navigate Workplace Politics

Source |Leading Higher .com  |  BY: Stefani Yorges, Ph.D.

Organizational politics are informal (“behind-the-scenes”) attempts to acquire, develop, and use power and influence to secure an advantageous result.

Wherever there are limited resources, people are going to disagree about how those scarce resources should be allocated, and they naturally want to gain as much as possible for themselves. This gives rise to organizational politics.

Is “Playing Politics” Good or Bad for Your Career?

Politics are a part of organizational life. In fact, 93% of managers surveyed reported that workplace politics exist in their organization, and 70% felt that in order to be successful, a person has to engage in politics.

In a negative light, saying that someone is “political” generally stirs up images of back-room dealing, manipulation, or hidden agendas for personal gain. Although often portrayed negatively, organizational politics are not inherently bad. Effective politicsdoesn’t mean winning at all costs but, instead, can be about maintaining good relationships while achieving results.


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