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10 personality signs that show you’re an elegant person

By | Paul Brian |

What does it mean to be an elegant person?

Some may say it’s in how you dress, how you speak, how you carry yourself and the way you live.

All of this is true.

But there are also a set of personality traits that elegant people share.

Let’s delve into this and look at the ties that bind classy people together.

1. Consideration of others (respectfulness)

One of the most important personality traits that show you’re an elegant person is being considerate.

As a considerate individual, you recognize the existence and needs of people around you.

While respecting yourself and having your own goals and priorities, you’re mindful of the space, time, and beliefs of others.

If you’re blocking someone from reaching for an item on the grocery store shelf you step aside…

If you see a mother with a crying child at the doctor’s waiting room you motion for them to go first…

If you see that a colleague is struggling with their workload, you help out and give them advice, even though your own schedule is no small burden…

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