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10 Reasons People May Not Like You

Source | LinkedIn : By Sanjoy Kumar Malik

Sometimes you may observe that people (not everyone obviously) around you is not liking you. There may exist different reasons including social, economical, personal, professional, political, and psychological. Irrespective of the type of the reasons, I would mention 10 reasons which you may find interesting.

Reason #1

They try to destroy your peace in many ways. But you handle them with beautiful smile without making any violence.

Reason #2

They try to play with your emotions. But you are smart enough to handle their emotional games.

Reason #3

You engage yourself much on your own business. You spend less time or no time with them.

Reason #4

They try to steal (or steal) your personal information using different mechanisms and use those information to make you nervous. But luckily you know this interesting game.

Reason #5

They try to find your weaknesses. You also keep note of their weaknesses. It is very very interesting.

Reason #6

They expect you will spend a whole day with them. But you remain absent for good reason.

Reason #7

They think that they are more smart and intelligent than you. And you agree with them apparently. Sometimes, you appear like a stupid.

Reason #8

You spend too much time on your ambition and avoid so-called life style.

Reason #9

You believe age is no bar. Age is just a number. You also believe wisdom and age are not directly related.

Reason #10

Your level of focus and concentration are phenomenal.

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