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10 Reasons Why HR Tech Transformations Fail

By | Cedric Borzee |

HR practitioners at all levels wear many hats in the context of initiating a digital transformation of the workplace; they are the first users of the technology within the organisation and are data-driven researchers of new technologies that enable the People strategy. They are the storytellers to the decision makers, motivating them to invest in the tech. And they are the champions of change, educating and encouraging the employees to adopt the new systems, thus impacting the employee experience.

Meanwhile, according to BCG, only about 30% of companies navigate a digital transformation successfully. As for any other digitalisation projects, putting in the work to get HR digital transformation right to have it fail is, first and foremost, frustrating. There is a loss of money and time with tech that does not perform properly, or nobody uses as well as the problem that it was put in place to solve, still raising havoc in the organisation. 

Let’s now consider the following scenario: 

Not so long ago and not so far away in the HR Tech Galaxy…

Peter, a seasoned CHRO in a large financial organisation, had convinced the Board to invest in a ‘next-gen platform’ for Talent Management. After 18 months of complex and intensive implementation, the Leadership Team was convinced to allocate another substantial part of their annual budget to add an extra layer of tech for more advanced people analytics.

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