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10 reasons why millennials are critical to the workplace

Source | | Sriram Gopalaswamy | Head – commercial segment marketing at Lenovo India

Millennials are quickly becoming a driving force in the workplace. By 2015, they had already become the dominant generation in the American workforce, and that’s a trend that’s expected to spread across the globe. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, they will make up over half of the global workforce. Savvy employers, however, have already learned the importance of millennials in the workplace.

  1. Millennials have high personal expectations. 

They aren’t just coming to work to earn a paycheck; instead, they’re dedicated to improving their skills, increasing their knowledge, and being productive, useful employees who are able to move up through the ranks of their organisation and add value to their companies. They bring this dedication and enthusiasm to all of their jobs, which causes an increase in innovation and productivity throughout their departments after they accept the position.

  1. Millennials are highly creative.

They grew up in the information age, where any information they wanted was available through Google in a matter of minutes. As a result, they focus less on simply acquiring information and more on creating new strategies, producing new content, and connecting more with others. They’re driven to do something new and unique in order to make their mark in the world–and your company can benefit from that creative streak. Whether it’s a great idea that will improve the processes at your company or innovation that will permanently transform the face of your industry, hiring millennial employees is the ideal way to see improvements and changes throughout your organisation.

  1. Millennials understand technology.

They’ve grown up comfortable with computers and smart phones, and they quickly transition that understanding to focus on the technology that keeps your company running smoothly. Millennials troubleshoot their own computer problems–that is, they know to turn it off and back on again before they call tech support–and they know how to use technology effectively. For them, it’s a tool that’s just as much a part of life as pen and paper. Not only that, they’re familiar with the security demands that come along with using technology safely and are much less likely to invite a data breach with their online actions.

  1. Millennials are highly educated.

As a generation, they are more highly educated than any of the generations that came before them–and that education level continues to increase. They were raised with the idea that acquiring an education was the best way to get the job they’ve always wanted, and most millennials seized onto that idea and ran with it. As a result, they bring a number of skills to the table from the moment they enter a job with your company. They’ve also learned how to pick up new information fast, which means that it won’t be long before they blend perfectly into your company, teaching other employees how to use the equipment and programmes you use every day as though they’ve been there for years.

  1. Millennials are flexible. 

They’ve grown up with the idea that work schedules and work goals depend on the individual and the company involved, not on “the way it’s always been done.” They’re comfortable with the idea of telecommuting, working swing shifts, or working odd schedules in order to get the job completed on time, correctly, and well. They’re often willing to work with you, and they’ll adapt quickly to new situations and new processes if the need arises. This generation has grown up with some of the most rapid-fire advances in technology. As a result, they’re used to adapting the way they look at the world–and they’ll bring that flexibility to the workplace.

  1. Millennials are collaborative. 

They have a heightened sense of community and relationships that lead them to prefer to work with people. Millennials have spent most of their lives constantly connected, and they bring that sense of community to the workplace. They work hard on projects in combination with others and are eager to promote team interaction throughout the office. This collaborative attitude often leads to greater productivity and a better sense of engagement throughout the office, since connected employees are often more productive than those who feel as though the team doesn’t appreciate their contributions. The attitude of collaboration can also reduce stress and decrease the sense of competition throughout the office since 88 % of millennials prefer working with their team to working against them.

  1. Millennials thrive on positive feedback. 

Throughout much of their early lives, they’ve received feedback from everyone around them: their teachers, their parents, and their coaches have all worked together to provide them with regular advice and help them shoulder increasing responsibility. The same strategy makes millennials great workers for one simple reason: when they receive feedback, they’re willing and ready to make changes as a result. When you build positive feedback into your interactions with millennials on a regular basis, you’ll discover that it causes them to work harder to meet your company’s needs in the future.

  1. Millennials know how to make your social media account thrive.

They have personal accounts, so they’re familiar with the ins and outs of how each platform works. Not only that, they know how to spread your company’s reach and increase the number of people who are familiar with your brand. With social media marketing becoming increasingly critical for many industries–including technology–it’s important to place millennials in a position to use those skills. In many cases, social media marketing can become part of an employee’s regular job responsibilities, increasing your company’s reach while letting your employees do something that they know they’re good at.

  1. Millennials are constantly looking for new ways and opportunities to develop their skills. 

In an industry where it is particularly critical to hold on to employees instead of watching them change jobs every few years, a company that offers millennials the opportunity to learn and grow will be at the top of the list for job seekers. Millennials want to feel as though they are being used to their full potential: not just another cog in the machine, but a critical part of their business and their industry. As a result, they’re always looking for ways to improve themselves. For employers, this means employees who are increasingly competent, capable, and ready to deal with whatever challenges come their way.

  1. Millennials care about company image.

They want to work for companies that are making a difference. They’ve been brought up knowing that the world needs them to do positive things, and they like the idea of working for a company that is helping to bring about those goals. As a result, they throw themselves into volunteer opportunities and give their all to companies who are helping to create positive change in the world. Not only does this give you a platform for bringing in millennial employees, it raises the odds that you’ll be able to successfully reach new customers who are equally interested in the quality, not of your products, but your company’s ethical and moral stance.

Millennial employees aren’t important just because of their numbers. They’re changing the face of the workplace, shaping the way people do business, and raising your business’s productivity to new heights.

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