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10 rules honest people follow to elevate their lives

By | Lachlan Brown |

We’ve been taught to be honest always since we were kids – tell your mom you accidentally broke her favorite vase or that you’d secretly eaten the chocolate bar in the fridge when you’re not supposed to.

But as we grow older, we struggle to keep this virtue. We face more serious situations and challenges, and we tend to be afraid of the graver consequences.

But no matter how “right” we think and feel dishonesty is on several occasions, living a life of honesty will bring us a sense of freedom, peace of mind, and contentment.

It helps us establish and maintain meaningful relationships, grow as individuals, and elevate our lives.

So if you’re at a crossroads between right and wrong, you might want to be reminded of how honest people strive to choose truth in all ways with these rules:

1) Stay True to Yourself Without Being Arrogant

For starters, honest people strive to stay true to themselves. This means that they know and accept who they are.

They’re secure about themselves, know their strengths and weaknesses, and don’t apologize for choosing to love themselves.

But staying true to yourself is different from being arrogant.

Honest people genuinely and confidently show others who they really are, but they are responsible for their actions and their effects on those around them.

They show their true selves without putting others down just to feel superior like arrogant and insecure people do.

And being confident doesn’t mean they think they’re perfect. It simply means they trust themselves to do hard things and accept and grow from mistakes.

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