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10 signs of hyper intelligence

By | Paul Brian |

What does it mean to be more intelligent than the vast majority of people? 

What separates a “genius” from a person who is just very smart? 

Hyper intelligence can be measured in many ways, so it’s worth keeping an open mind as we investigate those who are truly in the top tier of mental acuity. 

Let’s take a look at the top signs of hyper intelligence. 

1) You were an intensely curious infant

The first of the fascinating signs of hyper intelligence comes from infancy. 

Geniuses and those with hyper intelligence often demonstrate the trait of intense curiosity as a baby and small child. 

We’ve all seen this kind of child, crawling anywhere possible and even some places that aren’t!

Asking questions about everything and anything. Pointing and giggling, or pointing and screaming. 

As they age the questions just get more insistent and profound. 

They’re never bored and never satisfied by the answers adults give. They want to know about literally everything, and their curiosity is boundless

This is a definite early sign of someone who will be hyper intelligent later in life. 

2) You engage in critical thinking

Critical thinking is all about the willingness and ability to look at your beliefs and perceptions and question and investigate them. 

It’s basically a form of self-awareness and openness to looking at issues and experiences from multiple angles. 

Not everyone has this ability, which scientists also call first-rate thinking

In short, first-rate thinking is the intellectual ability to fully grasp various sides of an issue and understand them regardless of whether or not you personally agree. 

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