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10 signs you have such a confident personality that it intimidates others

By | Lachlan Brown |

When we hear the word “confidence”, we often think of a person who is kind and motivates others to reach their full potential.

However, some people take it the wrong way and mistake confidence for excessive pride.

The cost of being self-secure can involve intimidating other people, often building a wall between you and a potential friend.

If you want to further understand what aspects of your personality other people may find daunting, here are the 10 signs that you have a confident personality that sometimes intimidates others:

1) You Have No Room For Excuses

One of the reasons why people may find you intimidating is your aversion to excuses. You’re not one to make excuses or settle for less.

This is why people often view you as having high standards and a no-nonsense attitude.

While this is a great thing when it comes to achieving your goals, it can also make others feel like they are being held accountable and judged.

While some people may take your no-nonsense attitude as offensive, you know that when people understand that excuses will not be tolerated, they are more likely to take responsibility for their actions and work towards finding solutions rather than blaming external factors.

This is why you don’t settle for less, and even though it often leads to greater success, it can also create a sense of pressure to perform and meet expectations. 

2) You’re Unsparingly Straightforward

You find no reason to lie because you know that there’s always a huge value in the truth.

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