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10 Signs Your Boss Is a Great Manager (and You Shouldn’t Leave Your Job)

Source | | Marcel Schwantes | Founder and Chief Human Officer, Leadership From the Core

Years ago, I was a member of a politically-charged executive team with each person pulling in different directions with opposing agendas. We were a mess.

While that horrendous experience was short-lived, it gave me a front-row seat to witnessing firsthand the leadership styles of each executive.

One executive was a prolific visionary with an impressive resume. His Achilles heel was his overconfidence–wait, check that–unfettered arrogance.

It came in the form of bravado, swagger, and positional authority that didn’t sustain its influence. After a while, people began to catch on that the outward brash was only skin deep. It was really all about him, so he had few followers and little influence.

What type of leaders and managers do employees enthusiastically follow?

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