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10 signs you’re a classy woman, even if you don’t think you’re “cultured”

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We often equate class with being “cultured”.

And yet, there are plenty of smart, well-read, and well-traveled women who are anything but classy.

In this article, I will give you 10 signs you’re a classy woman even if you’re not the most “cultured” person you know.

1) You have good taste

And I don’t mean that you always listen to the classics like Mozart or know how to tell the difference between romantic and gothic art. In fact you might even indulge in things others would call “bad” or “trashy.”

But you are quite good at knowing which is beautiful and which isn’t, which has something genuine in it and which is just pure trash, and even which colors look good together.

You can tell when a painting, a book, or a piece of music has something special in it and know how to appreciate it and dig deeper.

You know the right place for everything—even trashy stuff—and that makes you stand out.

2) You question what it means to be “classy”

You can tell when someone is being pretentious, and you loathe it.

And nothing makes your eyes roll into your head faster than hearing “cultured” people talk about how much they appreciate something that… well, they honestly don’t actually sound genuinely interested in.

You especially despise designer brands and other supposed “luxury” items because you can see through the glitz and see it’s all just marketing.

Here’s a secret: the classiest women are classy because they don’t conform to what society considers “classy.” They would in fact question it all the time and do their own thing.

Classiness is a way of being, after all, and not an act.

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