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10 Signs You’re a Strong and Independent Woman Who Thinks for Herself

By | Tina Fey |

Independence is one of the greatest powers a woman can have.

A strong, independent woman can think for herself. She takes up space, stands up for what she believes in, and doesn’t care about fitting herself into a mold society has created for her.

That being said, if you consider yourself an independent woman, your independence doesn’t depend on your relationship status.

Rather, it solely depends on you – your energy, accomplishments, and values.

These are 10 signs of an independent woman – which you may already have – but if you can’t relate or if being independent is something that you aspire to be, then this list is a good place to start.

1) You Take Responsibility for Your Own Happiness

A strong, independent woman doesn’t rely on other people and external factors for her own happiness — she’s perfectly fine on her own.

She can take herself out on dates, eat on her own, and watch movies without anyone else without being afraid of showing it.

She doesn’t seek the company of others nor does she need a certain status to feel fulfilled.

She takes responsibility for pretty much everything: If she wants money, she finds a job; if she wants a partner, she makes sure that she doesn’t settle; if she’s been wanting a family, she makes sure that she’s ready for one.

That said, knowing what makes you happy takes a certain amount of self-reflection.

You need to find the strength to step away from everything and everyone that is taking away your positive energy.

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