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10 signs you’re a unique individual who can’t be pigeon-holed

By | Pearl Nash |

No matter what you do, you defy expectations and stereotypes—there are just so many facets to who you are that you simply can’t be shoved in a box.

You like to think of yourself as unique, but just how unique are you?

Well, here are 10 signs you’re a unique individual who can’t be pigeon-holed.

Check out how many of these you can relate to.

1) You’re not afraid to be “uncool”

The only people who can truly step out of the box are the ones who aren’t afraid to be seen as uncool.

They don’t care if people think a love song they like is “sappy”, or if their new favorite movie is ‘cringe.”

And they don’t care if their fashion is five centuries out of date, or if the way they carry themselves is “weird.”

In the end, the things they watch, wear, or listen to are their business and no-one else’s. So they don’t care if people think they’re “uncool”, because they’d rather be uncool as long as they’re happy with who they are.

There are bound to be people who will like them for who they are anyways. And who knows—maybe those snobs will end up changing their mind and going “oh wait, dressing up like a 16th century noble is cool, actually.”

2) You have plenty of interests

A lot of people would take one interest of theirs—for some it’s a specific sports team, for others it might be a specific genre of music—and then make it their entire personality.

You don’t do this.

Sure, you might be incredibly invested in your current interests, but you won’t let any notions of “loyalty” keep you from picking up new interests as they come… even if those new interests would seem to “contradict” your old ones.

For example, you might support your local hockey team, but also admire their rivals from the next state over.

You might like classical music, but also world music, rap, and even mainstream pop.

And you might have a special interest in the delicate art of flower arranging, but that doesn’t stop you from tinkering with machines and burning rubber on the racetrack.

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