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10 Smart Ways to Discover Your True Purpose in Work and Life

Slowing down and tuning into your thoughts are great places to start

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We’ve all heard the advice to “do what you love,” but that approach can feel oversimplified and unrealistic. One interesting recent study found a more nuanced equation for finding satisfaction and avoiding burnout at work: novelty, purpose, and grit. While finding the right career path can be challenging, there’s often no turning back once you discover a pursuit that sustains you and fills you with purpose.

We asked members of the Thrive Global community to share how they found their purpose in work and in life. Which method will you try?

Focus on your personal values

“I found my purpose with the help of an executive coach. I made it to the highest point in my profession, but still felt lost and unsure of myself. So I hired a coach who helped me explore my personal values. No one had ever spoken to me about them! This is how I found my life’s purpose. It’s the foundation for everything I do. Start with your values — you’ll never feel fulfilled in a job, role, relationship, or activity if you don’t honor them.”

—John Sigmon, founder/CEO, Branchport, NY

Be optimistic

“I found my purpose by being eternally optimistic. I began seeing every encounter and event as an opportunity to re-awaken my childlike sense of awe and wonder. I tried anything and everything that felt even a little bit exciting to me, then asked myself deep questions like, ‘What are the careers that involve any part of this? What would it take for me to become a professional in this craft or field?’ Then I followed the opportunities wherever they led.”

—Pamela Muller, author, spiritual director, and dream expert, Johns Creek, GA

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