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10 strange habits we all have but rarely admit to

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You might have some habits that you’re too afraid to admit for the fear of looking weird, or immature, or crazy.

But the fun thing is that chances are that everyone else does it too!

Check out how many of these “strange” habits you do daily.

1) Talking to ourselves

One of the first things we might think when we catch someone talking to themselves would probably be “gee, they’re strange!”

But hold that thought, because it really is not.

In fact, just about all of us will have talked to ourselves quite regularly, and for good reason.

For example, it’s quite normal for us to argue with ourselves when we’re trying to sort our thoughts. Sometimes we do it in our heads, sometimes we say things out loud.

And then when we’re down low, we would talk to ourselves like we’re our own life coach.

Nobody would ever admit to this for fears of being called “crazy”, of course. But trust me—everyone does it!

2) Wondering about our first love (and hoping they miss us)

It has probably been years, if not decades, since you last were together. You might even be married now.

And yet you still can’t help but wonder about them and hope they miss you still. You might think that this is weird—and that you have some sort of defect— but you can rest assured that it’s not.

Everyone will have done it at one point or another. The reason why is simple: first loves are special, and feelings are not rational.

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