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10 Struggles Only Shy Introverts Will Understand

By | Marissa Baker |

As a shy introvert, I don’t think I’m better than others just because I’m watching from the side instead of gyrating in the middle of the dance floor. 

Introversion is not the same thing as being shy. Every decent definition of “introvert” makes that distinction. Being an introvert means the outer world drains you and the inner world recharges you, while being shy means you get nervous and self-conscious in social situations. They’re different things. 

But what if you’re an introvert who’s also shy? What then? 

Even though shyness and introversion are different, there are quite a few introverts who are also shy. (It’s worth noting there are shy extroverts as well, though they’re not the focus of this article.) When you’re a shy introvert, there are certain struggles that other introverts don’t resonate with because they don’t experience social situations in the same way.

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