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10 Surprising Facts About Bill Gates

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Most people know three things about :

  • He’s the 3rd richest man in  (fifth-richest in the world right now).
  • He co-founded one of the most successful tech companies of all time, .
  • He’s an extremely generous philanthropist through the Bill &  Foundation.

But there are a lot of things about Gates you probably didn’t know.

1. As a young teenager at Lakeside Prep School, Gates wrote his first computer program on a General Electric computer.

It was a version of tic-tac-toe, where you could play against the computer.

2. Once his school realized Gates’ proclivities for coding, they let him write the school’s computer program for scheduling students in classes.

He even slyly altered the code so he was placed in classes with a “disproportionate number of interesting girls.”

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