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10 Tech and Industry 2019 Predictions That You Will Read Everywhere

Source | | Duena Blomstrom

Nothing is more of a Christmas tradition on the internet than the predictions for the year to come in most any given industry that is technology enabled.

When a year comes to a close, it is nothing if not natural to sit and wonder what will come next and to speculate about how that will come about. Should someone feed it to the right algorithm it would be fascinating to see what has been predicted by pundits everywhere in each industry and collectively across the board, versus what has actually come to pass.

30 years ago, before the era of democratized opinions the internet brought, heralding one’s impression of the near future was reserved for the office Christmas party, it is now everyone’s perceived duty to give their view of what’s just around the corner. Every self-respecting “influencer” will be asked to supply the world with their view of what’s to come.   

Furthermore, influence notwithstanding, nowadays, everyone with access to a keyboard or a YouTube channel feels obliged to throw their hat in the predictions ring and they have to, of course, make it big and sensational to entertain their audience despite the fact that, for predictions to be any good, should anyone keep score, they would need to be accurate.

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