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10 things confident people don’t waste their time on

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Confident people aren’t perfect, and neither do they live perfect lives.

But they are more likely to succeed because not only do they have a winner’s mindset, but also because they use their time and energy wisely.

Here are ten things you’d never find a confident person wasting their time on.

1) They don’t wait for approval

A confident person doesn’t pay attention to external validation and simply does what they want, because they want it.

A simple example is that they won’t ask their friends if they look good in a red tailcoat, or if their best friend will approve of them wearing a pencil skirt. They simply wear them because they want to.

Whether it be a career, a business, a relationship, a major life decision, or the way they cut their hair, is worth it. They don’t wait for someone else to show them approval or to pat them on the back for doing the “right thing.”

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