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10 Things Entrepreneurs Never Want to Talk About, But Should

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How often do you say everything is fine when behind the scenes, it’s really not? Actually, you may be feeling scared, worried, insecure or worthless.

I like to ask tough questions to my clients. It helps me to get to the root of an issue pretty quickly and rip it out so that it no longer exists. 

One of the questions that helps me to do this is, “What is the No. 1 thing you struggle discussing openly with others?”

Anything that is suppressed will end up manifesting in another form. For some, that may be , and for others, it may be disconnection in their relationships or an inability to move their businesses forward.

In my experience, there are 10 major areas that most people shy away from speaking about. Just being aware of these can help you to feel like you’re not alone and move forward to resolve the issue. When something isn’t resolved, it takes up vital energy. Lifeforce is weighed down like a balloon with someone pulling on it. 

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