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10 things sophisticated people avoid doing in public

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Sophistication is more than just wearing designer dresses and talking about your international travels.

Sophistication is a mindset, a way of living. It’s not showing off your wealth. It means seeking riches in experiences, meaningful conversations, and quality relationships.

What follows are ten things sophisticated people avoid doing in public. 

Living a sophisticated life means understanding that what you choose to have is a reflection of you. Your clothes, peers, and thoughts are a reflection of who you are.

So once you start avoiding things that don’t add value to your life, true happiness should not be too far behind.

1) Sophisticated People Do Not Follow Trends

You might see someone in the mall holding a Yves Saint Laurent bag, wearing Rolex, and using the latest iPhone model, then assume that they’re sophisticated.

Here’s the thing: High-end brands sell us the idea that sophistication can be bought. But what they’re doing is simply just a marketing tactic.

A sophisticated individual knows that sophistication is a way of life, a way of thinking.

They know that blindly following the herd – whether there’s a new trend or tech – means trying to conform and fit inside the box society has made.

Instead, sophisticated people look the part by following their heart’s desires.

They get their hair done the way they want it, mix and match pieces, and even sometimes experiment with jewelry for a sophisticated touch.

2) They Do Not Succumb to Peer Pressure

Speaking of conformity, rarely do you see a sophisticated person do things to impress others or to feel that they belong with a certain crowd.

If anything, they’ll simply walk away from people who keep insisting.

They don’t surround themselves with bad influences; they mean it when they say no; and extend the same respect to others.

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