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10 things sophisticated people never do (so you shouldn’t either!)

By | Lachlan Brown |

When you hear the word “sophisticated”, you might automatically think “cultured”, “classy”…or even “rich.”

But that’s not what sophistication is like—not really.

In fact, I know many regular folks who are sophisticated and plenty of rich folks who are the complete opposite.

If you want to be sophisticated, you must first know the things you should NEVER do.

And in this article, I will enumerate each one for you.

1. Sophisticated people never put down others

With how closely we associate sophistication with wealth and high status, you might think sophisticated people are all snobs.

But the reality is quite different.

They have known plenty of people from all walks of life—whether in real life or through books and movies—so they’re very aware that each person has something to offer.

They know that we’re all the same in the grand scheme of things, and that they’re definitely not better than others.

And when they see that someone is struggling, instead of putting them down, they instead try to lift them up.

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