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10 Things Successful Leaders Never Tolerate

Source | | Lolly Daskal

Successful leadership is the product of several factors. Skill and education play a part, but one of the most important hallmarks of great leaders is the standards they uphold. That means building good habits of action and thought, and drawing a firm line at things that are unacceptable. It’s about what they do, but it’s also about what they’ll never take part in or allow in their team.

Here are some top examples:

1. Inertia. The reality of leadership is this that yesterday’s results become today’s status quo. Leaders need to constantly be moving forward and prepared to seize opportunities. Inaction is incompatible with strong leadership.

2. Poor communication. The best leaders put communication at the heart of their leadership. Their communication is timely, clear, and appropriate, and they expect the same of those around them—because communication is a two-way street.

3. Mediocrity. Successful leaders are ordinary people who aspire to the extraordinary. They’re constantly looking to break through expectations—their own and other people’s—and they’re never interested in hearing “good enough.”

4. Ambivalence. Successful leaders don’t have the time or patience for indecision. They understand that to achieve success, you must put aside fear and doubt, pick a course and stick to it. Their decisions are grounded in knowledge and strategic thought, but they don’t waffle or create subcommittees to examine every detail first.

5. Toxic relationships. Successful leaders don’t waste their valuable time and energy on negative relationships. They set boundaries, distance themselves from negativity and redirect their focus firmly on the positive. Positivity is fuel for progress.

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