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10 things that immediately happen when real leadership shows up

Source | | Benjamin P. Hardy

“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.”―Jocko Willink

What does the environment around you look like?

Is it obvious to you and everyone else what you stand for?

Is your benchmark for success clear and understood by all?

Do you, as the leader, clearly reflect your vision and standards to such a degree that reading them is unnecessary?

Are you consistent in good times and bad times?

Are you a master of the basics and technical stuff, or have you lost touch?

When you experience failure, do you confront the future or wallow in the past?

No Bad Teams

There are no bad teams, just bad leaders.

Leadership is what determines how successful you and those around you are. If there is minimal success, there is minimal leadership.

There are very few real leaders:

· Who genuinely stand for something and brightly reflect those standards

· Who are willing to put everything on the line for what they believe in

· Who create change and lead

Leadership is not born, it’s made. If you’re not excited about your current circumstances and success, you have complete power right now to make radical transformations.

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