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10 things that separate confident people from arrogant people

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People can sometimes confuse a confident person from an arrogant person.

You see, both of these characters can be loud and command the attention of a room.

But there is a difference between these two types of people. 

These are the core things that separate confident people from those that are arrogant!

1) Confident people are open to other people’s ideas 

A key difference between confident and arrogant people is that confident people are receptive to other people’s ideas.

If someone shares an idea, a confident person will be willing to hear it. 

Simply put, they do not shut down other people!

Instead, confident people are open to hearing what another person has to say about something… And they won’t take offense by what’s said!

You see, as confident people are fundamentally secure in themselves, they’re able to hear other people’s ideas and thoughts without feeling like they’re being criticized or put down.

Confident people don’t find themselves feeling as though they’re not good enough.

In other words, they’re not closed off to the fact that other people might have an idea that is better than theirs…

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