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10 Things Women Do That Men Find Extremely Annoying

By | Selma June |

1. “I am fine!”

Most women have this habit of saying, “I am fine”, even when they are far from it. A woman says this when she is upset about something and she feels like her man should know what it’s about, especially if he is the one who made her angry.

But the thing is, a man doesn’t know. His brain works in a different way. If he did something to upset you, you should tell him straight-up. Saying, “I am fine!” won’t solve anything and it would annoy any man.

2. Comparing him to your ex

A lot of women do this. It’s a natural occurrence but it is a conversation you should only be having with yourself or your best friend.

There is no man in this world who enjoys hearing about an ex of a woman he cares for, let alone being compared to him. Avoid doing this. Leave your ex in the past because that’s where he belongs, especially when you are in a new relationship.

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