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10 Tips From Real Estate Investors Any Entrepreneur Should Know

By | Mona Freund

The life of an entrepreneur is one of constant change. You don’t just settle into the same tasks day after day, year after year when you are an entrepreneur. That’s part of the appeal of course, but it takes someone who is dedicated to constant improvement to make it work. 

Real estate investors are often bold entrepreneurs willing to take risks and make big moves, so it’s wise to learn from these individuals. Here are some notable tips from those in this industry. 

#1 – Build Your Problem Solving Muscle

No matter what kind of work you do as an entrepreneur, you’ll be solving problems at every turn. From fixing a marketing strategy to adapting to changing markets, solving problems is a core piece of the job description. 

#2 – Carve Out an Identity

Working as an entrepreneur still requires a significant amount of career planning. Understand what it is you want to do, and what areas of business are better left for someone else. Having a clear identity will help you identify which projects you should take on and which you should turn down. 

#3 – Plan and Execute

Succeeding as an entrepreneur does not come down to luck. If you leave your fate up to luck, you are almost certain to be disappointed in the end. Instead of leaning on luck, it’s up to you to craft a detailed plan—and then execute that plan relentlessly. 

Take a look at Zolo’s visual below. They asked some of the best real estate investors to share their business lessons and summed everything up with actionable tips for entrepreneurs in all industries.

Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs
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