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10 traits that make ordinary people successful

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What is required for success? Have you asked yourself this question?

Everyone and their Mom wants to be successful, but why do so few people achieve their goals and live the life they truly want?

We make so many assumptions about what we need to succeed – the “right” degree, the “right” experiences, the right “routine”.

But how much is that stuff really worth? How much of it is actually required for success?

I wanted to find the answer myself.

After all, I’m just a normal guy and I haven’t achieved much in my life.

But I have many goals I want to achieve and I want to make sure I go about it in the right way.

So here is what I found from my research: 10 traits or behaviors actually required for success.

1. Accept responsibility.

This is probably the most important trait required for success. Why? Because it’s a prerequisite for all of the other traits.

Don’t blame others, don’t blame your parents or your teachers or your boss or the

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