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10 Ways to Create a More Productive Work Environment

Source | Linkedin | By|john  Ramthon 

There are a variety of factors that can influence your productivity. But, nothing is more impactful than your actual work environment. After all, it can affect your decision making, mood, and even your physical health.

The work environment that you have created for yourself or the work environment that you reside in day-to-day is critically important. In business, we optimize everything — think mobile optimization. Consider it essential to make sure that your work environment and conditions are optimized to boost your productivity. This preparation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore, but it will take some action as you embrace the following ten suggestions.

1. Create a culture of productivity.

Your work environment doesn’t just include a physical location and conditions. It also contains processes and procedures. The culture of your business should also be included here. What does it “feel” like to be you in your office?

With that in mind, the first place to start is creating a culture that embraces productivity. Here are some suggestions from  DeskTime that can you begin to implement:

  • Determine your goals so that you know the purpose of everything that you do. In precise language, communicate these objectives to your team and key stakeholders.
  • Speaking of goals, set individual goals for each specific member of your team. Well-defined goals and tasks let everyone know how they are contributing to the bigger picture. Clear-cut definitives also let everyone know what exactly is going on within the startup itself.


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