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10 Ways to Make Work a Winnable Game for You and Your Team

Source | LinkedIn | Patrick Leddin, Ph.D.

Within each of us there seems to be a ‘game on’ switch that is hardwired in our DNA.  For some of us the switch is more easily flipped than for others. When activated in the workplace, this switch can dramatically increase employee engagement. To throw the switch and drive engagement, leaders must make work a winnable game. This may sound simple, but it is rare because few organizations have mastered the art of making work a truly winnable game.  In fact, far too many teams are simply playing not to lose.

To enable you to throw the switch, consider the following 10 ways to make work a winnable game for you and your team:

#1:  Identify a worthy but defeat-able opponent.

Playing a game is a costly endeavor.  It takes time, energy, and resources.  If the opponent is easily beaten, people disengage.  They also disengage if the opponent is unbeatable.

#2:  Create clear rules to play by.

If the rules of the game are not appropriate for the undertaking, clearly defined, and consistently applied, players will lose interest or, worse, become highly cynical.

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