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10 ways to spot a deep thinker in any conversation

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We’ve all had those kinds of conversations that are boring as sin. 

They are shallow, repetitive, devoid of meaning and ultimately disappointing and frustrating. 

I’ve had conversations that felt like I was watching paint dry. 

But there are people out there who are engaging, fascinating and passionate: here are the top ways to spot a deep thinker in any conversation.

1) They use critical thinking 

The first of the ways to spot a deep thinker in any conversation is to look for somebody who uses critical thinking. 

Critical thinking is the ability and willingness to challenge beliefs, assumptions and perspectives. 

It’s going beyond “correct” and “incorrect” and instead looking at issues and ideas in new ways. 

It’s seeing an experience from somebody else’s point of view, or considering how outer forces may have conditioned you to be a certain way or to hold certain views. 

Critical thinking is a definite mark of a deep thinker. 

2) They express original views

Next up in the ways to spot a deep thinker in any conversation is that they express original views. 

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