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10 years ago, I said PepsiCo had to be about more than making money. Here’s what’s in store for the next 10.

Source | LinkedIn : By Indra Nooyi

Ten years ago, as my colleagues and I were thinking about the future of our company, we saw some major changes on the horizon.

People were increasingly looking for healthier foods. Environmental issues like water scarcity and climate change were threatening ecosystems, livelihoods, and economies around the world. And the competition for the next generation of talent was becoming more intense than ever.

We had a choice to make. Continue with business as usual. Or fundamentally transform our business, turning obstacles into opportunities. We chose the latter approach, and it has propelled our company forward ever since.

We call our approach Performance with Purpose. It’s transforming the way we do business so we can deliver strong long-term financial returns in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the world around us, while galvanizing our entire company to embrace a deeper sense of meaning in our work.

From the start, we knew this wouldn’t be easy. We knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. We knew it would take a willingness to overcome the doubts of those who said it couldn’t or shouldn’t be done.

But we also knew something else. We knew that being a good global citizen wasn’t just the right thing to do – it was the right thing to do for our business.

A decade into our journey, we’re making important progress. We’re cutting added sugar, salt and saturated fat levels in many of our products, while expanding our lineup of nutritious foods and beverages. Some people are surprised to learn that our beloved Pepsi-Cola trademark accounted for just 12% of our 2015 revenue, while our nutrition brands, low calorie beverages and healthier snacks accounted for roughly 45% during the same period.

At the same time, we’re significantly improving our water and our energy efficiency, reducing our packaging materials and our waste, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices around the world – all of which not only helps protect our planet, but has also saved PepsiCo more than $600 million over the past five years.

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