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10 years from now, tried and tested methods of finding a job may not work anymore

Source | | ET Online

Covid may have already begun rendering many existing job rules obsolete, new data has shown. The new findings signal that the tried and tested methods of looking for, finding and keeping a job may not work anymore by the end of this decade.

More than 100 million workers in eight of the world’s top 8 economies might have to change profession by 2030, Bloomberg reported citing a latest McKinsey research.

These economies are India, UK, US, China, France, Japan, Germany and Spain. This is a direct outcome of the changes in labour force equations caused by the pandemic, the research says.

The post-pandemic era will require workers to reskill/retrain themselves in order to get employment in higher-skilled roles, because Covid has — and further will — cut job opportunities in low-paid professions, it adds

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